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"Thai Thai Therapeutic, Waikiki-Honolulu, Hawaii"


About Thai Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is based on the concept of vital life force energy that flows along the 'sen' ( vessels ) to specific energry points, '. read more '


Thai Thai Massage Hawaii

What does Thai Thai Mean?
Thai Thai is common Thailand vernacular for massage emphasizing authenticity in form and function to what is experienced and taught in-situ in Thailand. Although some integration has occured in Honolulu, Hawaii by learning Japanese, Swedish, and Hawaiian techniques, we still consider our Thai Massage service to be 100% authentic, therefore it can be called "Thai Thai." For more information about prices visit the services page, or for information about the 'style' or technical aspects of Thai massage visit our comprehensive styles page.


Our Current Pricing is as follows:

All modalities/styles/techniques offered by Thai Thai Massage require the same skill-set and knowlede to perform. For customers paying by cash we offer a flat rate discount of 1$ per minute.

Cash Price Credit Card Price
60 min $60 60 min $65
90 min $90 90 min $95
120 min $120 120 min $125

However we do appreciate our loyal customers business, so the best way to get a cheaper price is by subscribing to our blog's RSS feed for current promotions. You can also view the blog while your visiting our website by clicking here.

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We can be found on Oahu at: 1188 Bishop Street, Suite 1608, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

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